This policy to promote student wellness, required of schools that participate in the school nutrition program, must be updated and reviewed every three years by a temporary community wellness committee (open to the families and the public) which assesses the a) compliance of TRVS with the wellness policy 2) comparison of the policy to a model school wellness policy, and c) progress made in attaining the goals of the wellness policy. This assessment will be made publicly available in an accessible manner.

This wellness committee will include the meal clerk and will be open to SMM and will also be open to (and advertised on social media to) family and community members. The wellness committee will propose updates to this policy, which will then be submitted, discussed and voted on by School Meeting. A SMM must inform and update the public about the content of the wellness policy by December 30 every year, using some combination of the school newsletter, school website and social media.

A SMM must ensure that USDA printables, including subjects such as nutrition and label-reading, are posted in a public place at school at the beginning of every school year. Fruits and vegetables left over from the school nutrition program will be made available as free snacks and for use in student cooking projects. A SMM must send a link to USDA information about nutrition in the school newsletter for families once per year.

TRVS students can choose their own activities at all times and move between a number of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing ample time and opportunity for physical activity. A SMM will review the availability of active play equipment and spaces once per year to make sure they are in good condition and adequate to the number of students.

A SMM will post a visual reminder about hand-washing and offer an interactive activity demonstrating the importance of handwashing once per year.

Meals offered through the school meal program are consistent with established federal meal standards and free for all students. No other foods are sold by School Meeting or by outside companies during the school day, except for during fundraisers. Food-based fundraisers will not exceed ten per year. If School Meeting provides free food to the community during the school day or at after-school events, fruit and/or vegetable options will be offered. Potable water will be available at all times. Food rewards will not be used by School Meeting or by staff.

School Meeting will not advertise foods for sale or accept outside advertising for foods.

The meal clerk is the person responsible for making sure all these things get done.

Adopted 2024-01-08; Amended 2024-02-09