Our staff is made up of parents and educators with varying backgrounds. We are trained as artists, teachers, technicians, organizers, engineers, and investigators. All of us are dedicated to letting kids discover the power of freedom and responsibility.

Maggie Bogdanich

Maggie is a native of the Pittsburgh area & a parent to two TRVS students. She has been involved with the school since its inception in 2013 and was chosen as staff in the spring of 2015. Maggie has a variety of experience working with children of many ages, mostly within the field of art. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Jason White-Wiedow

Jason left a successful career in Aviation & Video Game IT to become a stay-at-home dad. Research in child development and educational options to support Charlie (and then his little brother Henry) in becoming the happiest, most effective adults they could be led Jason to Sudbury schools. Moving to Pittsburgh and joining the staff of TRVS represents an opportunity to follow his passion as a father and educator.

Laura Gyre

Laura has been interested in child-led education since reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook as a teenager. She became a part of the TRVS community in 2015– when her previously unschooled children decided they’d actually like to be part of a school–then joined the staff in 2021. She has enjoyed the opportunity to apply various types of experience (from writing and visual art to web development) in a new context, while finally getting to see democratic education in action. 

Ari Martinez

Originally from Chicago, Ari moved to Pittsburgh at the age of 12, and a few years later, became a student at TRVS.  After graduating from TRVS, they began pursuing Visual Arts, Library Science, and Computer Programming, but soon started to focus more on community support and education. They enthusiastically returned to TRVS as a staff member in the 2023-24 school year. They currently have a younger sibling who attends TRVS.

Board and Founders

Evan Mallory
Evan grew up in Pittsburgh and received a BA in Computer Science from Harvard. He has worked as a computer programmer, both as an employee and as an independent contractor. He has taught math and computer science in a number of traditional high school and college settings. Evan was raised in a musical family and likes to fill his time by playing the piano and cello, learning basic gymnastics feats, baking bread, and reading non-fiction voraciously.

Jean Marie Pearce
Jean Marie is a native Vermonter who graduated from the University of Vermont, where she studied Environmental History and Studio Art. Some of her favorite experiences with young people have occurred while she worked at a drop-in center for homeless teens or during the year she spent as an intern at the Free School in Albany, NY. She brings a passion for social and environmental justice to all of her work. She enjoys event organizing, cooking, and art (making and viewing).